Steve Gilbert

Creative Director of Film production, Motion Graphics and 3D Animation.

Myriad – Num3ers


Myriad briefed a requirement for a short animated film that would be used as part of an internal communications campaign. They was a concern as the company was spread over several countries and cultures, that those working for Myriad were unaware of how successful they had become, how well they were achieving their goals and how each employee was a key part of that success.

Myriad provided Chemistry a list of amazing statistics starting with the largest number down to the last and most important, ‘Number One’ in their area of expertise. Chemistry took these numbers and working closely with the client created a script that walked the viewer through the statistics.



The info graphics style was chosen as it gave a simple visual appearance which is both fun and engaging without losing the importance of the message, the numbers themselves. The numbers are highlighted either through the voice over, graphics or both avoiding the user being bombarded by too much information.



Each scene was first worked out on paper in a written treatment, and then translated into stills using primarily Illustrator, creating the look and feel while also providing an approval process for the client before the more expensive process of animation.

Once the rough voice over had been recorded the animators took the assets created for the storyboard into both AfterEffects and Cinema 4D and created the sequence. As with any project small changes were made on the fly during the animation process, however this project came out at the end an almost carbon copy of the storyboard, a reflection on how well the storyboard had been thought through and created.

On completion of the animation the sound spot effects were added and with the voice over, mixed with the music to create the final version you can see here.


Creative Director – Steve Gilbert

Sequence Design – Steve Gilbert/Pete Rix/Dean Harris

Style Development and Graphics – Pete Rix

After Effects/Cinema 4D – Dean Harris and Steve Gilbert

Sound design – Dean Harris

Music – Dewolfe / Love Grows By William Henries & Steven Haller

Voice Over – Melissa Lloyd (Calypso)

Mixed @ The Farm.