Steve Gilbert

Creative Director of Film production, Motion Graphics and 3D Animation.

Films [Archive]

Sahara - Green Screen
Client : Dove

Part of the Sahara Dove launch was to create an interactive guide for looking after your skin. We were engaged to film and format the required assets for the flash application.(see the live version) The footage was shot on Red giving us a real crisp image for post and retaining the image detail when scaled down. The example here showcases the process we went through. (The cleaning up of the Red footage was achieved with Topaz filters, even Red has noise)


Director and post effects - SGee

Producer - Claire Davies

Red Camera and DOP – Derek Gruszeckyj

World Class Pitch
Client : Diageo

Proof of concept film created for a Chemistry Group pitch to Diageo, this film was produced, filmed and edited in two days in time for the presentation. A lot of rushing around central London with just a Sony Z7, tripod and a radio mic, using whatever light was available. Some really creative work from the cameraman as we had no idea what was going to be at each location.


Director - SGee

Camera and Sound - Steve Trinder

Graphics, editing, grading - Dean Harris

Producer - Claire Davies