Steve Gilbert

Creative Director of Film production, Motion Graphics and 3D Animation.

Cinema 4D

Sequence test
C4D Training

Work in progress animation I am creating while learning Cinema 4D. Have been learning on and off since the start of this year, thought I would lob it all together and see what would happen! Will be going back through the sequence fixing the issues with the lights, while the ship itself is only half finished. The other objects in the scene are stolen from the C4D library. Will be uploading all the WIP animations and text scenes as and when I get a mo....

Main Engine Build
C4D Training

This was the first part I started to model for the Container ship, the larger rear engines. Rather then use bump maps to create the tiling system they are individually modeled, prefer the way the light works on them, though at this stage of my learning process I hadn't got to texturing yet! A lot of hours but good practice when starting out to learn modeling in C4D.

Proof of concept
C4D Training

Proof of concept for project currently on hold. Created in Cinema 4D with textures created in Photoshop. Final composite in After Effects.